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Ah, my computer !!
Hello, everyone !
Today we had an extraordinary weather (very warm) in Japan.
How are you ?

During last week I had a serious issue with my personal computer.
It could not be booted at all even though I tried various methods.
I struggled very much and learned very much.

Finally I bought a new machine and picked up data stored in the built-in HDD of the old machine.
To my happiness they were not damaged.

Anyway, how fragile electronic information managing data storing systems are !!
At the same time I strongly felt that our data should be maintenanced too much carefully !

By the way I made my debut of youtube…


テーマ:日記というか、雑記というか… - ジャンル:日記

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Best wishes for your 2019
Hello, dear readers!
How did you spend your new year holiday?

I am quite fine on the last day of my winter holiday.
And I would really express my gratitude to all of you for your any responses to my creations.

This year also, I would like to continue presenting my thoughts and interests.

Since I plan to hold an event in an autumn timeframe, and if possible I would like to have a session about business idea.

I would greatly appreciate if you could keep in touch with me.

Best wishes for your 2019!!!!!

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December….a profound month
Hello, everyone!
How are you spending your time in the year-end season?

I am doing fine, but very busy.
As usual December is a headache month for me because my yearly result has become almost impossible to reach the target in such a time period.
But also as usual my important friends are always giving me very nice suggestion.

Thus, I am able to survive this difficult world and be reborn.

I am really happy to have a newly reshuffled backbone and upgraded skills and thoughts.

With my greatest thankfulness
ST Rocker

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Thank you
Dear attendees,

Thank you for attending the event on November 10th.
It was successfully done owing to your co-operations.

I would express special thanks to Ms. Akiyo Uematsu and Ms. Cyndi Barbar for your great co-operations and wonderful performances.

Later I might be updating the recorded sound file in any shared folder in the Internet.

Best regards,
ST Rocker

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Welcome anybody to the 4th event !
Hello, everyone !

The 4th event (Nov.10) is getting close. (Please see the June 17th article for the details.)
We have a few more seats.

Anybody, please feel free to let me know if you are interested in the event !!

ST Rocker with luv

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