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"The World of Intelligence and Music", Part 6

Hello, all!
How are you doing?

Yesterday the event "The World of Intelligence and Music", Part 6 was successfully held at Symphony Salon, Fukagawa, Tokyo.
Because of COVID-19 the attendees were not very many this time.
But we could spend nicer time than usual.

I would express my much thankfulness to Uematsu-san for the great flute performances and coming from Kansai.
I would also give special thanks to Cyndi-san for the wonderful slide show and all the help for the event.
Thank you very much, Tawashi-san, for joining under the difficult situation and your very nice piano plays.
Thank you very much, N-san, for coming to the event in spite of the busy time and hope you enjoyed.


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Thank you, my friends!
Thank you very much, my friends, every time for your kindness and evaluating me so honestly!
I can survive my hard time because you cheer me frequently and give me very helpful suggestion.
I learn much from you.
I'd like to say I am happy since you are with me.

I never forget your heart.
And I would really hope your better life.

Take care of yourself and have nice days.

Sincerely yours.
ST Rocker

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An announcement from ST Rocker
This article is specially placed in the top position until November 7th, 2020.
Please find normal articles at the second position or lower, which are updated from time to time.

Hello, all of you!
How are you doing in the heavy rainy season?

Today I have an announcement for you.

An event sponsored by ST Rocker, "The World of Intelligence and Music", Part 6
Theme of the event : To be determined soon.
Guest : Akiyo Uematsu (flute player, music composer, representative of Office Tempo.F)
Day and time: November 7th (Saturday), 2020, 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Place: Symphony Salon (Koto-ku, Tokyo)

1. Self introduction
2. Presentation by ST Rocker (theme to be determined)
3. Slide show by Cyndi Barbar
4. Music time
* Plays by Akiyo Uematsu
* Plays by attendees
(* Singing all together)
+ An old model of Bechstein is in the room.

Maximum: app. 20 people
Fee: 1,000 yen per person (except for the after party)
After party (for people who want to join): At an "izakaya" type restaurant near Symphony Salon. 5:15 pm - 7:30 pm

I welcome anybody who is interested in this event.
Enough measures against COVID-19 will be taken.
Please have a comment freely.
Closed comments are also welcome.
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How long it lasts!
Hello, folks!

It has already been long time since the COVID-19 status began.
How are you surviving?

Today I present another multiple record of mine.
It is Single Pigeon by Paul McCartney in 1973.

Please enjoy!

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We are still in the chaos
Hello, everyone!

We are still in the chaos with COVID-19.
How are you doing?
In Japan the emergency declaration was terminated.
But our fundamental difficulties continue furthermore.

I’ll present another multiple recording of mine to you.
Please enjoy!

テーマ:その他 - ジャンル:その他

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