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A new sound of business

Very cool !
Dear readers,
How are you doing in the Obon holiday?

This week we have very cool days in Japan.
It is so comfortable. But it is as if an autumn has come or we are in a summer resort.

By the way, as one of my business ideas I will hold an event where I would have a presentation on some topic and the attendees enjoy music.
If you feel interested, please let me know freely.

Today's music is Let It Be.
This time I first tried to catch their back chorus by John, George and Ringo.
Finally I could catch it, but it might contain some mistakes.
Anyway I strongly felt that their chorus be so great as well as the excellent vocal and piano by Paul.

Use head phones.

Have a nice summer holiday!

テーマ:起業・独立 - ジャンル:ビジネス

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Terribly hot !
Dear readers,
How are you doing in such terribly hot days?

I am sorry for the victims and refugees by the enormously heavy rain and flood in the northern Kyushu area.

I also feel a deepest sorrow that Ms. Mao Kobayashi passed away.
But I strongly believe that she felt a most concentrated happiness for the last year.

Today I present you a recording by myself.

Use head phones.

Have a nice Sunday !
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Where does the recent global warming come from?
Hello, everyone!
In Japan we had very warm days last month.
How was it in your country?

This week US President Mr. Trump stated that US would withdraw from Paris Agreement.
Many people are criticising him very much.

But I have a slightly different opinion.
I see some problem that most mass media did not report the background for his statement.
It is a truth that some of scientific data do not support the conventional theory for the recent global warming.

I am sorry that I cannot show you the details here, but please look at my former article below.
CO2 is no longer increasing (?)
This is one of the examples.

Today please enjoy my multiple recording, Lady Madonna.

See you again!

テーマ:その他 - ジャンル:その他

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Thank you, Paul !
Thank you very much for your exellent performances in Tokyo !
I enjoyed very much.

One of my impressions was A Hard Day's Night at the opening.
You sung it including John's part.
That was excited.

I look forward to seeing you again in the near future.

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CO2 is no longer increasing (?)
Hello, dear readers!
How have you been?
April will come soon, but we still have cold days in Japan.

I was so surprised last Saturday that the growth of the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere got saturated since 2011 and has even been decreasing for two years according to Nikkei newspaper.
That was the first news to me.

The paper said that the phenomenon was due to efforts by some countries in decreasing the exhausted CO2.
But in my opinion CO2 concentration is not affected simply by human activities.

I will try to catch up the truth…

Today’s amusement is If I Fell all by myself with a small echo effected.

Please enjoy!
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