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An announcemnt from ST Rocker
Hello, all of you!
How are you doing in the rainy season?

Today I have an announcement for you.

An event sponsored by ST Rocker, "The World of Intelligence and Music", Part 4
Theme of the event : How do we survive this era?
Guest : Akiyo Uematsu (flute player, music composer)

Day and time: November 10th (Saturday), 2018
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Place: Symphony Salon (Koto-ku, Tokyo)

1. Self introduction
2. Presentation by ST Rocker ("How do we survive this era?)
3. Slide show by Cyndi Barbar
4. Music time
* Plays by Akiyo Uematsu
* Plays by attendees
* Singing all together
+ An old model of Bechstein is in the room.

Maximum: app. 20 people
Fee: 1,000 yen per person (except for the afterparty)
Afterparty (for people who want to join): At an "izakaya" type restaurant near Symphony Salon. 5:15 pm - 7:30 pm

I welcome anybody who is interested in this event.
Please have a comment freely.
Closed comments are also welcome.
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Customer never buys our best product
Hello, dear readers!
Did you stay “Golden Week” nicely? (Sorry for people outside Japan.)

This week Japan has very fine days.
How are you doing.

I understand that every reader is not always a company employee, but most of you can understand the spirit of a typical Japanese manufacturer.
I stayed most of my like as an employee of a Japanese manufacturer. (More correctly I worked for two companies, ie, I changed companies once.)
The two companies I work and worked for produce chemical products.

As a natural behavior an employee of a company tends to sell his (her) “best” product to their (potential) customer.
But the customer never buys the best product of the company.

Do you know any reason why?

The reason is that the product was developed by only a standpoint of the supplier.
They should understand the real job-to-be-done of the customer.

テーマ:ビジネス - ジャンル:ビジネス

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Why don’t you get a doctor grade?
Hello, everyone!
How are you doing these days?
In Japan April is the first month of the fiscal year and education year.
Many fresh people are walking in the city for their new works.

A few weeks ago a TV news told that a lady in the eighties received a doctor degree from Ritsumeikan University.
I forget what kind of doctor she received.
She was saying “Today is the happiest day in my life”.

I really understand her feeling.
Because I felt a quite same feeling when I received a Ph.D degree on material science from TIT.

Having a doctor degree is not just a pendant but a certificate that the person offered a novel study system to the world.
The process for preparing the doctor grade is really worthy and meaningful.

I would strongly recommend that you try a doctor grade.

Have a nice season!

テーマ:その他 - ジャンル:その他

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Does anybody need assistance for communications with companies outside Japan?
Hello, dear readers!

After the cold and long winter a spring is coming close to us.
In Tokyo cherry blossoms will start blooming very soon. It’s too early this year!
Do you know every Someiyoshino cherry tree has a same gene, ie, it is a clone ?
So, its blooming timing is influenced by the circumstance only.
Anyway, please be careful about cold temperature for your hanami party.

As one of opportunities for my side business I am considering if I could assist anybody who wants to communicate with companies outside Japan but has little experience.
I have much experiences in those cases in joint ventures by communicating in English especially about technical fields.

One of my goodness is translate Japanese patents, technical broches and any types of documents into English.
Verbal communications with non-Japanese people in English are also welcome.
E-mailing in English is OK, too.

If anybody requires such assistance, please feel free to let me know.

Have a nice cherry blossom season!
ST Rocker

テーマ:サイドビジネス・副業 - ジャンル:ビジネス

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“This is the side for a guest”
Dear readers,
How have you been in such the cold period?
I am very sorry for not updating early.

Are you enjoying The PyeonChang Olympic Games?
I am so so enjoying some of exciting games.
But I think the low temperatures and the strong winds are unfortunate for some players.

Korea has generally much less snow than Japan.
This is because the northwest wind absorbs moisture above Japan See (Korean people call it East Sea).
Anyway, I hope the Olympic will finish with great successes.

Last week a manager from our parent company in Europe visited our Japan site for two days.
He is a manager of a high level.
I took a full attendance for him while he was in Japan.
We had internal meetings, made visits to our partners and so on.

As one the agenda for the two days, there was such a case that an outside guest visited our headquarters in Tokyo.
When the outside guest was going to enter our building, the European manager was sitting in an inner side (ie, not the side of the door) of a conference room.
So, I said to him politely, “This side is for a guest, so, would you please move to the opposite side?”

Then his face had changed suddenly to a mixed mode (surprise, a little anger and smile).
And he said, “Ain’t I a guest? This is challenging!” And he repeated “challenging!”
I apologized to him and explained Japanese culture.
I also explained to him that he belonged to our side (same group company) in this case even though he came from Europe.
Finally he accepted it but he seemed not 100% comprehensive.

I did not fully understand the meaning of “challenging” he said many times.
Japanese has no completely equivalent words with challenge.
“Chousen” sometimes equals to challenge, however, it has only positive meanings.
“Challenging” he said might mean a little bit negative like “picking a fight”.

But today he sent me an e-mail note and showed me many thanks for all my efforts while he was in Japan.
(He is already back in Europe.)
Now I am happy.
But I should learn English more and more.

Have wonderful days !

テーマ:英語 - ジャンル:学問・文化・芸術

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