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Thoughts on a very hot day
Good evening everyone.
This is an easy article.

Please do not do the same thing as what I am going to write.
I myself turn on the air conditioner whenever I feel any problem.

For the five days from Monday through Friday this week, I worked only with a fan instead of turning on the air conditioning during the daytime.
The biggest reason for this is that I could endure it quite easily.
I can endure this kind of thing because I do it of my own will; if someone forces me to do it, I would immediately suffer from heat stroke.
In this heat wave, the morning temperature was not very high and the humidity felt low until Thursday.
On Friday, the humidity was high, but the temperature where I live was not so high.

Of course it is easier to work with the air conditioning on, and temporarily it is easier to work, but if I have it on everytime, I start to feel overprotected and somewhat depressed.
But when I resist the heat without air conditioning, I feel uplifted and proactive.
I would think to myself, "God damn it!", and go about my business.
Then at 6 pm, I turn on the air conditioning. It was a reward for my hard work.
It makes me appreciate the cooler weather more, and I can express my joy more honestly.

And as a result, there is an effect on electricity bills and energy conservation.

Last week I spent some days working at home in Chiba.
Then the temperature was a little bit lower than in the Kanto inland area. I felt the difference quite a bit.
I felt that it is difficult for the temperature to rise (or fall) in a place surrounded by the sea (water).
I can really feel it when I go back and forth from my place.

This heat is expected to ease a little next week, and rain is also expected. That is somewhat reassuring.
But be careful of typhoons.

As the story goes, on Saturdays and Sundays, irrationality is more important than rationality.
It is also a reward for having endured the weekdays. 
Act as my body desires, and try to be a Texan.
I turn on the air conditioning when I want to.
On Saturdays and Sundays, I am more right-brained than left-brained.

This week, I found a very good YouTube video.
It is by Shige-san of "Shige Tabi" (Shige Journey).

Shige Tabi

He is about the same age as my children, but he is very cool.
You can feel like you are on a trip.
And wherever Shige-san goes, there is always sake.

For multiple recordings I put the links to three recent works as follows.

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Lady Madonna
When I'm Sixty-four

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The Era of Three-Dimensional Patenting
Good evening everyone.

Patent is a system whose main purpose is to disclose a technology to the public, but it also rewards the company that first invented the technology with the exclusive right to practice it for a certain period of time.

In the past, a patent was simply written to describe the invented technology itself in ordinary form.
Now, however, ordinary technology has become saturated, and new inventions are very complex.
How do you write that in a patent?
That is the problem that companies and research institutes are facing today.

In my opinion, the first important thing is how to extract the invention from the new technology developed.
The second is that patents should be three-dimensional.
Assuming the old patents were in the x-y plane, today's patents must be taken in the x-y-z sphere.
You have to establish a new z-axis.
By doing so, you can obtain patents that cover even the former scope of rights.

If you are interested in the above points, please let me know.

Now, today's extra is a multiple recording of Something.
I have been able to do this so far.

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Human beings reach their highest potential at age 60 and beyond.
Good evening, everyone.
GW is finally coming to an end. How was it for you?
The first half was cold. I had a stove burning. 
The second half was hot.
It rained only a little, and I think it was just fine in general.

I ain't going to have that post-GW depression I had as a salaried worker until last year, and in that sense it is so much easier this year.
Of course, there are a lot of other kinds of severity, though.
I have made significant progress in cleaning up. I also got some work done.

In my case, I had one year to go before retirement, but I "rolled up my ass" and quit my job one year early to start my own business.
The term "senior entrepreneur" is often used around the world.
I belong to the "senior entrepreneurs," but to be honest, I don't want to be categorized as one.
For me, starting a business is a lifelong goal, and one that I have been steadily working toward since I was a little over 30 years old.

However, I have been immersed in the salaried life of two foreign-affiliated companies and have been working as an organization employee.
I did not do so out of choice, but rather because it was the right path for me.

I had studied my work at the company well, and by the time I passed 60, I felt that I had a good sense of myself.
However, the company was more concerned with getting rid of the "bump on the eye" than achieving results.

I thought, "There must be some other place where I can really make the most of myself.
Therefore, starting a business at the age of 64 is the right time for me.

The title of today's article, "People reach their highest potential at the age of 60 and beyond," is not a random thought on my part, but an undeniable fact.
The truth is that the managers (under 50 years old) of my ex company are also aware of this, but if they admit it, the company will not be able to survive, and they will not be able to protect themselves.

If they do the managers' bidding and help us seniors get rid of them, they and the company will (seemingly) be safe.
But this will only make everything worse in the end.

So what do we do?
If they want to protect themselves and the company so badly, we seniors should provide "value" to the other companies or office as a private business, and that's how I started my own business.
This is a win-win situation, isn't it?

On the other hand, there are many people who do not want to work or quit their jobs, so I think the company retirement age should be 60 (65). (Quitting earlier is fine too.)
For those who are older than that, those who want to work should do so on their own responsibility, either in a private business or in a company organization.
There are often cases where seniors are hired at very low salaries, and while it may not be a bad thing to get a job with them, it seems like such a waste.

Last month, I went to explain to a new place I developed completely on my own business model. Rode the train in the cold rain.
Thankfully, they were very sympathetic to the meaning of my value.
After all, it seems that simple is best without being too elaborate in business models.
In other words, I have realized that the best thing to do is to provide customers with what people (both inside and outside the company) have expected from me in my work as a salaried worker up until last year.
They expressed their desire to work with me for a long time to come.

As an aside, since we are Corona these days, tea and coffee are served in plastic bottles. This is a bit disappointing. Because in the past, we were served brewed tea and coffee at the places we visited.
Anyway, it had been a while since my last business trip itself.
I had lunch in the basement of Tokyo Station.
I had the daily seafood bowl at Haneda Ichiba, which was good, but the portion was small and the price was 1,680 yen.

I am a lone wolf now, but my dream is to have seniors in their 60s (and even older) who are "golden roosters", housewives, and those who cannot find a job for some reason, participate in the company to provide "a truly strong and three-dimensional value I hope to create a company that can provide "truly strong and three-dimensional value.
Of course, in the end, nothing worked out, but I don't mind at all.
I will take it easy. (On the other hand, I will hit it with passion and concentration on each individual theme.)

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Have finally developed a major new client.
Good evening everyone.

I had already started my own private business last year, but last month, I created my own business model and submitted my opening notification to the tax office.
It is a research and development support business.
The name of my business is Axis Designer.
I provide "value" to my customers.

Today, based on this new business model, I have got a new major client.
I will go explain the business details to them next week.

Well, this week, I played Lady Madonna with just the bass.
I have 4 tracks set up with just the bass.
Each one has a different tone.

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Lady Madonna (bass only)_20220403 (<-- Click)

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Multiple recordings have been resumed.
Good morning everyone.
It has suddenly warmed up.
There were a few moments when it was almost sweaty.
But it is a little cold today.
The season will surely move toward spring with repeated warm and cold weather.

Since the end of last year, I have had a lot of opportunities to come into contact with taxes, insurance, and pensions.
If we look at these things from a humanities perspective, we will get sleepy, but if we look at them from a science perspective, they are very interesting.
Sometimes I even think about becoming a professional in these fields.

I've been very busy the past few months, so I've been a little away from recording multiplexes, but yesterday I took some time for them.
"Your Mother Shold know"
Only the first verse, but I did a multiple recording.
The drums are not done yet, though.
It was a very meaningful time.
I will continue to work on it from next week onward.

(Listen with earphones)
Your Mother Should Know (practice)_20220305 ←Click

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