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December….a profound month
Hello, everyone!
How are you spending your time in the year-end season?

I am doing fine, but very busy.
As usual December is a headache month for me because my yearly result has become almost impossible to reach the target in such a time period.
But also as usual my important friends are always giving me very nice suggestion.

Thus, I am able to survive this difficult world and be reborn.

I am really happy to have a newly reshuffled backbone and upgraded skills and thoughts.

With my greatest thankfulness
ST Rocker

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Thank you
Dear attendees,

Thank you for attending the event on November 10th.
It was successfully done owing to your co-operations.

I would express special thanks to Ms. Akiyo Uematsu and Ms. Cyndi Barbar for your great co-operations and wonderful performances.

Later I might be updating the recorded sound file in any shared folder in the Internet.

Best regards,
ST Rocker

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Welcome anybody to the 4th event !
Hello, everyone !

The 4th event (Nov.10) is getting close. (Please see the June 17th article for the details.)
We have a few more seats.

Anybody, please feel free to let me know if you are interested in the event !!

ST Rocker with luv

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A life without taking risks is unworthy of human life !
Hello, dear readers!
The autumn is becoming deeper from day to day.
How are you doing?
Are you surviving against the attacks by the typhoons or earthquakes?

As I write frequently, completing the whole week is not easy.
At the beginning of the week I can never imagine how I complete the week.
But every time it can be done.
Probably because the God is watching me.
Most people may know that a company should take risks if it wants to grow.
And they may know that it can be said also for an individual.

But risks may cause damages that are sometimes huge.
Everybody dreams no risk with enjoyable life.
So that, he/she tends to try to obtain a sense of superiority without doing anything.

He/she just picks up a small portion of a person and compete with that.
It is a very stingy method to obtain a sense of superiority.

A life without taking risks is unworthy of human life !

We should challenge our shells.
We should take shames, fear, anxiety, fatigue, hunger and poverty.

Let’s take risks and expand our ability and heart.
Let’s not fight or compete with a stingy method.
Let’s just give people love.

A life without taking risks is unworthy of human life !

テーマ:よく生きる - ジャンル:ライフ

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Happy birthday to me.
Hello, dear readers.
Today September 9th is my 61st birthday.
Last year i was canceled to 0 year old due to Japanese calendar cycle (=60 years).
So, I am 1 year old today.
From now on I will do my best like a baby.
With my best regards.

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