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CO2 is no longer increasing (?)
Hello, dear readers!
How have you been?
April will come soon, but we still have cold days in Japan.

I was so surprised last Saturday that the growth of the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere got saturated since 2011 and has even been decreasing for two years according to Nikkei newspaper.
That was the first news to me.

The paper said that the phenomenon was due to efforts by some countries in decreasing the exhausted CO2.
But in my opinion CO2 concentration is not affected simply by human activities.

I will try to catch up the truth…

Today’s amusement is If I Fell all by myself with a small echo effected.

Please enjoy!
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My father
On Januaryr the 20th, 2017 my father passed away.
He was 97.
He was born on January the 4th, 1920. That was in Taisho era.

He served the Japanese army at World War II in 1942 - 1944.
He survived a severe frontier in Philippines in 1944.

After the war he worked very hard as a sales engineer at a company.
He was a typical Japanese who contiributed to the extreme growth of Japan in Showa era.

But he also took care of myself very much.
My basis is really my father.

I love my father.
Please stay peaceful days in Heaven.

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Paul made songs with John (even Yesterday...)
Dear readers,
We have very cold days in Japan these days.
How have you been?
I am sorry again and again for not updating often.

This year Paul McCartney will come to Japan.
This is very exciting news to me.

As you know, John Lennon and Paul McCartney is the strongest duo of song writing, which is credited “Words and music by John Lennon and Paul McCartney”.
For even songs which are believed to be written by only one of the two, the other one helped the partner not a little.

But Yesterday has been believed to be written 100 % by Paul.
Paul asked Yoko Ono that the name of Paul should be placed ahead of that of John for only Yesterday. (Yoko refused it.)

In my opinion even Yesterday was made under some influence of John.

Yesterday has several mysteries.
It has seven measures which is very rare.
But there is not a sense of incongruity.

The melody of Yesterday was born spontaneously in Paul's brain.
When Paul got up every morning, his brain heard it.
So that, the temporary title of the tune was Scrambled Egg.

Most people may not know that Yesterday is good for singing with an acoustic guitar playing.
Following was recorded the night before.

I look forward to seeing Paul at a concert in Japan this year.

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Women drive cars faster than men these days
Hello, everyone!
Now we are close to the year end.
How are you today?

Do you drive cars?
I drive cars very frequently.
In 1977 (long long ago!) I received a driving license.

At that time Japan was still in the “motorization” period.
The number of traffic accidents was much more than those for these years.

Now all kinds of traffic condition have become better, and people drive cars with nicer manners than before.

But these days I sometimes encounter such scenes as follows when I drive a car.
When I catch up a slow car, I frequently find that the driver is a young man.
His driving sense is similar to those of elder ladies twenty years ago.

That’s strange.
Because, when I was young, most young men made efforts very much to achieve driving abilities and knowledge about traffic matters.
Excellent male drivers attracted girls. That was really their intention.
(On the other hand, some of the men drove violently. That was an issue.)

On the contrary, these days it is frequent that cars which women drive catch up my car from the rear even though I drive not slowly.

What happened on young men!?
Probably for men these days driving a car is neither a status symbol nor a way to attract women.

If it is correct, what is their most effective way to attract women?
What are most men eager to achieve?

Your any idea is welcome!

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Self introduction again here
Hello, dear readers!
How are you today?
We had a warm weekend here in Japan.
We call such a warm day in November "a bit spring-feeling day" (a naming by myself).

The voting for the presidential election in US was over.
Mr. Trump is going to become a next president.

Most people including myself got amazed so much!
But now I think that the real loser was not Ms. Clinton but the news media.
Very little people of the mews media predicted that the people in US would select Mr. Trump.

However, positively thinking, Mr. Trump's "Strong America" means a free competition which is ideal.
The globalizing strategy by US up to now may be selfish.

For Japan and most countries the idea by Mr. Trump should be fittable.
Free competition in economy, industry and politics will grow the world !
That is the reality.

By the way, for readers who first visited this blog recently I would like to introduce myself.

I am fifty-nine years old.
I live in Tsukuba (a science city) in Japan.
I am a company employee.
I have a Ph.D. grade in material science.

I love music.
My most favorite musician is The Beatles.
I am now enjoying a multiple recording by myself using a synthesizer.
I also like sports.
Running and mountain climbing are my favorite sports, but after I suffered from a big disease, my sport activity is not so hot.

I am in such a hot motivation that I will create a new business.
So that the title of this blog is so.
One of the business ideas is to create new concepts of event.
Up to now I already performed two events.
They are still experiments.

I have another idea on business.
I already mentioned its part in my blog.
If you have enough time, please see the old articles of this blog about business.

If you feel interested in my idea on business, please feel free to contact me !

Have a nice week !
ST Rocker
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