Let's think of business together.

A new sound of business

Thank you for 2020
Hello, dear readers!
We have only 3 hours and half until 2021.
How are you doing?

We had very hard times in 2020 with COVID-19.
But, that's why, we could think of our real life to have.

Because of your great help, I performed several proposals in new business.
Next year I will try to actualize some of them anyhow.

I would expect your continued support.

Hope you and your family will have wonderful times next year!

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Thank you, my friends!
Thank you very much, my friends, every time for your kindness and evaluating me so honestly!
I can survive my hard time because you cheer me frequently and give me very helpful suggestion.
I learn much from you.
I'd like to say I am happy since you are with me.

I never forget your heart.
And I would really hope your better life.

Take care of yourself and have nice days.

Sincerely yours.
ST Rocker

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How long it lasts!
Hello, folks!

It has already been long time since the COVID-19 status began.
How are you surviving?

Today I present another multiple record of mine.
It is Single Pigeon by Paul McCartney in 1973.

Please enjoy!

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We are still in the chaos
Hello, everyone!

We are still in the chaos with COVID-19.
How are you doing?
In Japan the emergency declaration was terminated.
But our fundamental difficulties continue furthermore.

I’ll present another multiple recording of mine to you.
Please enjoy!

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Please enjoy "For No One"
Hello, folks!
How are you surviving the severe COVID-19 situation?

Let’s do our best to overcome this situation and have our own life as soon as possible.
Today I will present one of my multiple records to you.

Have nice times!

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