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Get rid of bad spirits.
Good evening, dear readers.
Terribly hot days are continuing.
But today was a little bit easier. It was probably because the humidity was a little lower.

This article is disclosed also at my another blog in Japanese, New Analysis of The Beatles, at the same content at the same time.

In truth I am facing a quite difficult problem on work.
A counter person of mine is concerned.
I am damaged mentally, not like usual.

Therefore, I cleaned my house thoroughly today.
I did nothing special, but thoroughly anyway.
Then my feeling turned to stable very much.
I feel like I god rid of bad spirits.

Also, I tried to make a multiple recording.
Today’s tune is Single Pigeon by Paul McCartney and Wings.
It was in Red Rose Speedway in 1973.
Since I dictated the music of Single Pigeon by my ears, I could remind the chords easily today.

Please use headphones.

This is the real Single Pigeon by Paul McCartney and Wings.

I am not sure whether it is good to introduce it to you or not…. (^^;

テーマ:スピリチュアル - ジャンル:心と身体

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Thank you, Paul !
Thank you very much for your exellent performances in Tokyo !
I enjoyed very much.

One of my impressions was A Hard Day's Night at the opening.
You sung it including John's part.
That was excited.

I look forward to seeing you again in the near future.

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Paul made songs with John (even Yesterday...)
Dear readers,
We have very cold days in Japan these days.
How have you been?
I am sorry again and again for not updating often.

This year Paul McCartney will come to Japan.
This is very exciting news to me.

As you know, John Lennon and Paul McCartney is the strongest duo of song writing, which is credited “Words and music by John Lennon and Paul McCartney”.
For even songs which are believed to be written by only one of the two, the other one helped the partner not a little.

But Yesterday has been believed to be written 100 % by Paul.
Paul asked Yoko Ono that the name of Paul should be placed ahead of that of John for only Yesterday. (Yoko refused it.)

In my opinion even Yesterday was made under some influence of John.

Yesterday has several mysteries.
It has seven measures which is very rare.
But there is not a sense of incongruity.

The melody of Yesterday was born spontaneously in Paul's brain.
When Paul got up every morning, his brain heard it.
So that, the temporary title of the tune was Scrambled Egg.

Most people may not know that Yesterday is good for singing with an acoustic guitar playing.
Following was recorded the night before.

I look forward to seeing Paul at a concert in Japan this year.

テーマ:音楽 - ジャンル:音楽

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Analysis of The Beatles, Example No.12
Good evening, everyone !
How have you finished your week?
I'm so so OK.

This is a rivival of the journal on December 27th, 2010 at my another blog "New analyses of Beatles page".
I hope you could enjoy the content even now !
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