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Hello, everyone !
In Japan today is the Doll Festival day, but we have cold rain.
How have you been ?

March has come and we are going to the real spring gradually even though the weather changes drastically these days.
But at the Pacific side there is enough possibility of heavy snow even from now on.
It is in case a low pressure that is born near Taiwan moves east off the south coat of Japan while developing.
(Such a low pressure was called “Taiwanese naughty boy” in the past. But recent weather people concerned never call so. It is because of a kind of discrimination, isn’t it ?)
When I was a 5th grade elementary student on Match 12th, 1969, snow fell heavily. It lay 30+ cm deep in Tokyo and 44 cm in Urawa.
I still remember even the date because of the heavy snow.

We could find a few data by which we can analyze to show that Japan’s economy has recovered.
However, they sometimes are due to statistical tricks or can be applied to only a part of something.

I think only Japan shows no GDP growth among major countries.
In short, Japanese economy remains stagnant.

Problems with the hell-like labor dispatches and the impoverishment of young generations exist already, and there are many uneasy factors for growth of Japan’s GDP from now on such as globalization, trend of relaxing immigrant workers and increasing the consumption tax rate.

We should try to develop new technologies and increase productions by investing capitals, create new employments, increase salaries and increase consumptions by all people in Japan as a company, a public office or a private industry.
Of course, the government should try to do the similar things.
Additionally, in my opinion, even an individual should have any new ideas without satisfying the continuation of the result so far.
Healing is necessary because we face many difficulties and annoys at our places of work, however, we should not do it only but also be particular about anything.

At least we, elderly people, can never die unless the problem is solved, even in case we wish to die.

Let's do our best !

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December….a profound month
Hello, everyone!
How are you spending your time in the year-end season?

I am doing fine, but very busy.
As usual December is a headache month for me because my yearly result has become almost impossible to reach the target in such a time period.
But also as usual my important friends are always giving me very nice suggestion.

Thus, I am able to survive this difficult world and be reborn.

I am really happy to have a newly reshuffled backbone and upgraded skills and thoughts.

With my greatest thankfulness
ST Rocker

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A life without taking risks is unworthy of human life !
Hello, dear readers!
The autumn is becoming deeper from day to day.
How are you doing?
Are you surviving against the attacks by the typhoons or earthquakes?

As I write frequently, completing the whole week is not easy.
At the beginning of the week I can never imagine how I complete the week.
But every time it can be done.
Probably because the God is watching me.
Most people may know that a company should take risks if it wants to grow.
And they may know that it can be said also for an individual.

But risks may cause damages that are sometimes huge.
Everybody dreams no risk with enjoyable life.
So that, he/she tends to try to obtain a sense of superiority without doing anything.

He/she just picks up a small portion of a person and compete with that.
It is a very stingy method to obtain a sense of superiority.

A life without taking risks is unworthy of human life !

We should challenge our shells.
We should take shames, fear, anxiety, fatigue, hunger and poverty.

Let’s take risks and expand our ability and heart.
Let’s not fight or compete with a stingy method.
Let’s just give people love.

A life without taking risks is unworthy of human life !

テーマ:よく生きる - ジャンル:ライフ

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Why don’t you get a doctor grade?
Hello, everyone!
How are you doing these days?
In Japan April is the first month of the fiscal year and education year.
Many fresh people are walking in the city for their new works.

A few weeks ago a TV news told that a lady in the eighties received a doctor degree from Ritsumeikan University.
I forget what kind of doctor she received.
She was saying “Today is the happiest day in my life”.

I really understand her feeling.
Because I felt a quite same feeling when I received a Ph.D degree on material science from TIT.

Having a doctor degree is not just a pendant but a certificate that the person offered a novel study system to the world.
The process for preparing the doctor grade is really worthy and meaningful.

I would strongly recommend that you try a doctor grade.

Have a nice season!

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People should have more “rikei” standpoints
Hello, all of you !
We have still cold days in Japan.
But a slight sign of spring is coming to us.

Most of the people tend to have such an interest that “Is really STAP Cell a truth or not”.
The news media frequently told that STAP Cell seemed quite untrue because of the “intentional” actions by Obokata-san.

Although Obokata-san did a few mistakes, those points are not very key if we evaluate her (and their) research on STAP Cell.
A great research will NEVER build in a day !
Especially at its initial stage, people do not have any right scale to evaluate the research, because it is quite novel and inventive.
Much time and power is necessary until the research gets an established system of the new theory.
Until then the repeatability of experimental results is poor.

Therefore, the words of the evaluations for STAP Cell currently seen in the news media are too simple and immature.
I think Obokata-san’s achievement should be about some initial finding for the basis of STAP Cell, which is great, and not like a complete result of STAP Cell.

We should grow the current research status into a real STAP Cell as much/early as possible.
The goal may be set at 20 years later (?).

Thus, I would propose that:

(Note for people outside Japan : “Rikei” is a word which is present only in Japan. It means academic background of science and technology or viewpoint from such fields.)

Beautiful Ume flowers at Kairakuen Park, March 15, 2015

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