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Is the number really correct?
Hello, folks!
We are already in the middle of March.
How have you been?

Needles to say, we are in the chaos with the new coronavirus.
I am afraid that you might have a serious issue on your work or life.

This week I made a rough estimation about if the number of infected persons be really right.
According to my estimation it should be much fewer than the number which MHLW announces every day.
Those who are interested in it, please refer to an article through the following link. (Sorry for written in Japanese.)


Have a nice cherry blossom season!

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Good morning !
Hello, everyone !
I am sorry I did not update my blog sooner.
I do appreciate your frequent visits to my blog.

It is close to the year end.
How are you doing ?

I am doing fine and enjoying my work and hobbies.
But sometimes I face serious difficulties in human relationship.

I think those difficulties come from such a fact that the present management of our nation is in a deadlock.
A fundamental change in how we run our society would be needed.

Anyway, we should not fight each other but share all our difficulties !

Hope everyone will have wonderful Christmas and New Year holidays !

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Women drive cars faster than men these days
Hello, everyone!
Now we are close to the year end.
How are you today?

Do you drive cars?
I drive cars very frequently.
In 1977 (long long ago!) I received a driving license.

At that time Japan was still in the “motorization” period.
The number of traffic accidents was much more than those for these years.

Now all kinds of traffic condition have become better, and people drive cars with nicer manners than before.

But these days I sometimes encounter such scenes as follows when I drive a car.
When I catch up a slow car, I frequently find that the driver is a young man.
His driving sense is similar to those of elder ladies twenty years ago.

That’s strange.
Because, when I was young, most young men made efforts very much to achieve driving abilities and knowledge about traffic matters.
Excellent male drivers attracted girls. That was really their intention.
(On the other hand, some of the men drove violently. That was an issue.)

On the contrary, these days it is frequent that cars which women drive catch up my car from the rear even though I drive not slowly.

What happened on young men!?
Probably for men these days driving a car is neither a status symbol nor a way to attract women.

If it is correct, what is their most effective way to attract women?
What are most men eager to achieve?

Your any idea is welcome!

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Seniority system seems more firm after all
Hello, all of you.
The new fiscal year has started.
I think that many of you have started in your new environment.
I want you to do your best by all means.

The cherry blossoms have become in full bloom, but the weather is not so good today.
How are you doing?

By the way, looking over the merit system and the result-based human resource management which were introduced from US, I feel that they are not so good in Japanese companies from my long experience.
In the first place the ability of a human has very many divergences and is individual, so people cannot measure it so easy.
Still further, since a person evaluates a person, is the result really tied to the right person in the right place?
Of course it may turn out good, but I think that there are many cases that cause totally reverse results with similar probabilities.

On the contrary, the people who concentrate a plan to (only) get on the evaluation increase.
Then, people saying, "I think in this way" vividly who are originally normal decrease, and behaviors of avoidance of responsibility increase.

In this way a winner-loser situation for the merit system and the result-based human resource management seems to be born as a result and cause the social polarization.

After all, it may be stochastically said that both the ability and the personality grow up as the age increases.
Then could it be said that the seniority system is more firm?
And those waste and backward maneuvers may decrease, generous opinions may increase, and the whole company may grow up.
And our society may become such that many people can work there.

But in the case of a company like a venture which is born lately I think that choosing a best person who can lead and realize its business model should be prioritized rather than adopting the seniority system.

Today I tried a multiple recording of The Long and Winding Road.
I had done it several times before, but concentrated on modifying the prats of piano and strings today.

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I do not think that a Japanese is not original
Hello, everyone!
We are still having warm days in Japan.
Are you doing well?

For today's theme, not only Japanese people but also non Japanese people please join the discussion.

Photo : A traditional Japanese breakfast (healthy!)

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