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News and apology
Thank you very much for always favoring my blog, everyone.

By the way, I have carelessly left equipment parts to connect to Internet in a distant place yesterday.
I can not connect it with Internet until July 11th. To show you this news, I am using a special method extremely for a short time and am writing it.

If you would have sudden matters for me to know, could you please write a comment? If so, I can receive the email with some time lag.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and help.

Monday, June 29 ST Rocker

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English brain has its own way of thinking
Hello, everyone!
We have very wet and humid days in Japan.
How about in your country?

Do you believe that one person can have double brains having diffeent characters?

Photo : Beautiful hydrangea flowers.

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Learn from German
Dear all,
How hot and humid it is !
How are you surviving ?

Today's journal is about German.

Photo : Myself in front of the house of Mozart's bith, Saltzburg

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Characteristic of the Japanese boy
Good evening, everyone !
How are you ?

June has come.
Rainy season will start soon in Japan.

Photo : Very beautiful rose garden in Tsukuba

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| ホーム |


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