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Till There Was You
Hello, everyone!
Finally the October is going to end.
How are you these days?

Today I will present my old recording (January 14, 2014) to you.
Title of the song is Till There Was You.
It was originally featured in a musical "Music Man", then The Beatles covered it later (1963).

The vocal part is of myself, and the instrumental part is by The Beatles (sorry for this combination!).

Its music is excellent.
And the words are excelent, too.

...there was love all around, but I never heard it singing....till there was you.....


テーマ:今日の1曲 - ジャンル:音楽

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We should take responsibility !
Dear my respecting fellows,

How are you staying in the best autumn season?
I am very fine except for that there are many people in our company who pay attentions on how they escape from their responsibilities.

These days, in Japan and probably in other countries also, it is a trend that most company employees or business persons don’t like to take responsibility.
In a short term taking responsibility will make his or her positions worse.
Because if a bad thing happens later, the other people tend to put the blame on himself or herself and snatch away his or her profits.

So, most people would like to avoid taking risks, and like to say in a passive voice.
For example, it would be thought that this product be better.
Or, it seems that the decision might be suitable.

I think this kind of tendency is due that the current economy and market expand little, or even less.
So that, people prefer “low risk low return” to “high risk high return”.
With this sequence, the economy and market do not expand forever.
This is a negative spiral.

But !
In my opinion an honest person will laugh finally.
If he or she takes responsibility he or she will fail in a short term.
But if he or she is innovative enough and bring a big invention to the company, for example, the other people will follow him or her toward their common success.
And finally his or her position will be higher.

So now !
Let’s say in an active voice “I think this product is the best” and “I think the decision is all right”.

I strongly recommend to young people to do so.

Good luck !

A beautiful dahlia flower in Ibaraki Flower Park

テーマ:その他 - ジャンル:その他

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Happy Birthday, John !
Today is the 75th birthday of John.
I recorded a singing to my own accompaniment in a pipe organ.

テーマ:その他 - ジャンル:その他

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