Let's think of business together.

A new sound of business

I am a temporary "soba lover".
Dear my great fellows !
How are you today ?

Sorry again for my long rest.

Recently I visited several nice soba restaurants in Ibaraki (not "Ibaragi").




Today I recorded a small multi play.
Title is Hello Goodbye of The Beatles.
Sorry for the bad rythm.


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Comparison of managers in between Japan and US
Hello, everyone !
In Japan we have warm days this week.
How are you today?

What do you imagine about “manager”?

テーマ:勝手に書かせていただきます。 - ジャンル:その他

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Oh! Darling
Hello, everyone!
Sorry for the long absence.

Tomorrow I will chair some conference speaking in English.
That's why I have been busy.

After that I will try to write an article.
The theme will be "comparison of managers in between Japan and US.

Before then please enjoy music.
The following "Oh! Darling" was recorded all by myself.

テーマ:洋楽 - ジャンル:音楽

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