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Merry Christmas !
Hello, everyone !
How are you enjoying Christmas Eve ?

I will present Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da to you.

Hope everything will be well with you !

Today (Dec.26, 2015) I recorded "Rudolf The Red-Nosed Reindeer" as follows.


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To John with appreciations
Good evening everybody.
Today is an anniversary of John Lennon's death.
Every year I held thought that was special on this day and wrote special words.
This year, not message-like words, I write appreciations to John with cool voices.

John who was born with talent and an attraction that was rare.
The boyhood when his rock spirits was outpouring lively while losing the dearest mother.
Teen years and twenties when he met Paul, and met George and Ringo, and created innovative music in sequence in the short term.
Difficulty to continue huge what's called "Beatles" and difficulty to leave, difficulty to continue a housekeeping husband and difficulty to restart music activities.
John who accomplished such frightful difficulties in sequence.

There are a lot of notable things on the music side. Particularly the lower part of the harmony is excellent. I understood it very much especially when I have been concentrating it for these several years.
And John who manifested various sufferings that existed inside of his heart and looked for true love thoroughly.
I think that you were an artist whose way of life itself was great.
I was much affected by you. I would like to greatly express my thankfulness to you.

John  Yoko

"Imagine" of John.
Though it was already established as a famous song even when he was alive, it came to be taken up as a symbol as the world peace very much particularly after his death.
Most people may have such an image about John as that he sang this song softly from the sky with a wide feeling like Buddha. However, I think that John was agonized at that time when John made this song, sang and played it.
I think this was a song in which the desire of John himself "I want to be in this way" was put.

At an event this September there was the opportunity to play a Bechstein that is a kind of excellent German piano, where I sang Imagine playing the piano.
To what I recorded with an IC recorder live, I added various instruments (with the synthesizer) and vocals.
Though Imagine is relatively simple, it considerably had times of the difficulty to show that feeling by a recital with a musical instrument.

If all of you sing together and can hold thought to John, I am happy.

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