Let's think of business together.

A new sound of business

What is popular is interesting (delicious); That's a reality.
Good evening all of you.
It is super cold!
Are you well enough?

This time it is update by the same contents at the blogs of both the Japanese and English versions at the same time.

There are many people thinking that "I want to widen a hobby or want to increase pleasure".
I am frequently asked "what kind of thing should I do?".
However, it is difficult to give him/her clear advice such that "this is just the one for this person".

Therefore, let me initiate you into "a special covert plan" today.
Then I advise it suddenly. "You should run a popular thing!"

Most people may get angry to hear that and say "Oh boy! It is not a covert plan at all!"
However, the reality is so. It is really a covert plan.

Because the people who is eager to "do a very interesting thing" or "eat a very delicious thing" has strong preferences to do so, they do not want to do popular things.
Many of them think that such things are too common and not interesting since ordinary people do (eat) so.

But I try to change the idea as the following.
Such things shuuld have very attractive features because many poople are doing (eating).
Judging from my experience, it is absolutely so.

For example, music, reading, mountain climbing, marathon, drinking ...
And if even the same music is an enka ballad and a karaoke, liquor; shochu and beer or wine.
Don't say "I don't like Shochu" or "I don't like enka"!

At first let's do it! At first let's drink it!
A splendid world will be waiting there.
You will regret yourself having been closed in the shell until now.

One's life had better have more kinds and numbers of pleasure.
And the human being can have much pleasure.

A very nice pancake at a restaurant "Hoshino Coffee"

テーマ:その他 - ジャンル:その他

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Wishes for this year
Hello, all of you !

I am so sorry for my very late update.
How did you enjoy New Year holidays ?
I pray for the happiness of all of you this year.

By the way, the stock prices of Japan fell consecutively for five days since the new year.
Each company and each business person must do their best this year.
I think about a start of a business in a new business model here Tsukuba.
At first its size will be small.
Tsukuba is Silicon Valley of Japan.
Let's do our best !

IMG_0310 - コピー
Mt.Tsukuba, December 27, 2015

テーマ:起業・独立への道 - ジャンル:ビジネス

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