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People should have more “rikei” standpoints
Hello, all of you !
We have still cold days in Japan.
But a slight sign of spring is coming to us.

Most of the people tend to have such an interest that “Is really STAP Cell a truth or not”.
The news media frequently told that STAP Cell seemed quite untrue because of the “intentional” actions by Obokata-san.

Although Obokata-san did a few mistakes, those points are not very key if we evaluate her (and their) research on STAP Cell.
A great research will NEVER build in a day !
Especially at its initial stage, people do not have any right scale to evaluate the research, because it is quite novel and inventive.
Much time and power is necessary until the research gets an established system of the new theory.
Until then the repeatability of experimental results is poor.

Therefore, the words of the evaluations for STAP Cell currently seen in the news media are too simple and immature.
I think Obokata-san’s achievement should be about some initial finding for the basis of STAP Cell, which is great, and not like a complete result of STAP Cell.

We should grow the current research status into a real STAP Cell as much/early as possible.
The goal may be set at 20 years later (?).

Thus, I would propose that:

(Note for people outside Japan : “Rikei” is a word which is present only in Japan. It means academic background of science and technology or viewpoint from such fields.)

Beautiful Ume flowers at Kairakuen Park, March 15, 2015

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I played "Hey Jude" on synthesizer
Hello, everyone!
Cold days still continue!
How have you been?
Sorry again for not updating frequently.

I have a Yamaha synthesizer MOFX-8.
Today I played "Hey Jude" on it with a strings mode.
I operated the key board of the sinthesizer using my both hands at once like playng a piano.

This is a new finding that the melody and the chords of Hey Jude are more attractive with strings.
Today I arranged it instantly and played it.

Hey Jude is quite nice.
But sorry for my bad arrangement and playing.

Have a nice evening and take care!
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