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Self introduction again here
Hello, dear readers!
How are you today?
We had a warm weekend here in Japan.
We call such a warm day in November "a bit spring-feeling day" (a naming by myself).

The voting for the presidential election in US was over.
Mr. Trump is going to become a next president.

Most people including myself got amazed so much!
But now I think that the real loser was not Ms. Clinton but the news media.
Very little people of the mews media predicted that the people in US would select Mr. Trump.

However, positively thinking, Mr. Trump's "Strong America" means a free competition which is ideal.
The globalizing strategy by US up to now may be selfish.

For Japan and most countries the idea by Mr. Trump should be fittable.
Free competition in economy, industry and politics will grow the world !
That is the reality.

By the way, for readers who first visited this blog recently I would like to introduce myself.

I am fifty-nine years old.
I live in Tsukuba (a science city) in Japan.
I am a company employee.
I have a Ph.D. grade in material science.

I love music.
My most favorite musician is The Beatles.
I am now enjoying a multiple recording by myself using a synthesizer.
I also like sports.
Running and mountain climbing are my favorite sports, but after I suffered from a big disease, my sport activity is not so hot.

I am in such a hot motivation that I will create a new business.
So that the title of this blog is so.
One of the business ideas is to create new concepts of event.
Up to now I already performed two events.
They are still experiments.

I have another idea on business.
I already mentioned its part in my blog.
If you have enough time, please see the old articles of this blog about business.

If you feel interested in my idea on business, please feel free to contact me !

Have a nice week !
ST Rocker

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