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Women drive cars faster than men these days
Hello, everyone!
Now we are close to the year end.
How are you today?

Do you drive cars?
I drive cars very frequently.
In 1977 (long long ago!) I received a driving license.

At that time Japan was still in the “motorization” period.
The number of traffic accidents was much more than those for these years.

Now all kinds of traffic condition have become better, and people drive cars with nicer manners than before.

But these days I sometimes encounter such scenes as follows when I drive a car.
When I catch up a slow car, I frequently find that the driver is a young man.
His driving sense is similar to those of elder ladies twenty years ago.

That’s strange.
Because, when I was young, most young men made efforts very much to achieve driving abilities and knowledge about traffic matters.
Excellent male drivers attracted girls. That was really their intention.
(On the other hand, some of the men drove violently. That was an issue.)

On the contrary, these days it is frequent that cars which women drive catch up my car from the rear even though I drive not slowly.

What happened on young men!?
Probably for men these days driving a car is neither a status symbol nor a way to attract women.

If it is correct, what is their most effective way to attract women?
What are most men eager to achieve?

Your any idea is welcome!

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