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I have become 60.
Hello, dear readers!
Finally I have become sixty years old today.

I have been studying and learning many things taking three times of years than most people
So, my present feeling is such that I can be adult finally.

I would really give my biggest appreciation to all the people whom I have been taken care of, and also give my best regard to them for my further expectations.

Now I would like to present you with Imagine which is an excellent piece of music and is suitable for my excitement of just sixty.
Another reason for selecting this song is that John Lennon created it when he was almost thirty and he died when forty.

Piano & vocal by ST Rocker.

The other day at a TV program of NHK Yoko-san and Sean-san appeared on.
Yoko-san told that Imagine was born by both John and Yoko really but she induced it to be by only John from several reasons.
I can easily imagine the bashings that Yoko-san was taken at those days were very tough.

Because of the instable climate these days please take care of yourself.
I am looking forward to seeing you again when I update the blog next time or you visit my older articles.

ST Rocker

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