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Hello, everyone !
In Japan today is the Doll Festival day, but we have cold rain.
How have you been ?

March has come and we are going to the real spring gradually even though the weather changes drastically these days.
But at the Pacific side there is enough possibility of heavy snow even from now on.
It is in case a low pressure that is born near Taiwan moves east off the south coat of Japan while developing.
(Such a low pressure was called “Taiwanese naughty boy” in the past. But recent weather people concerned never call so. It is because of a kind of discrimination, isn’t it ?)
When I was a 5th grade elementary student on Match 12th, 1969, snow fell heavily. It lay 30+ cm deep in Tokyo and 44 cm in Urawa.
I still remember even the date because of the heavy snow.

We could find a few data by which we can analyze to show that Japan’s economy has recovered.
However, they sometimes are due to statistical tricks or can be applied to only a part of something.

I think only Japan shows no GDP growth among major countries.
In short, Japanese economy remains stagnant.

Problems with the hell-like labor dispatches and the impoverishment of young generations exist already, and there are many uneasy factors for growth of Japan’s GDP from now on such as globalization, trend of relaxing immigrant workers and increasing the consumption tax rate.

We should try to develop new technologies and increase productions by investing capitals, create new employments, increase salaries and increase consumptions by all people in Japan as a company, a public office or a private industry.
Of course, the government should try to do the similar things.
Additionally, in my opinion, even an individual should have any new ideas without satisfying the continuation of the result so far.
Healing is necessary because we face many difficulties and annoys at our places of work, however, we should not do it only but also be particular about anything.

At least we, elderly people, can never die unless the problem is solved, even in case we wish to die.

Let's do our best !

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