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A book by Ms. Mika Tsutsumi
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Hello, everybody!
How are you doing in the equinoctial three-day holiday?
Due to former weather forecasts rain was expected to last three day long, but it proved wrong fortunately.

I was a bookworm in my thirties and forties.
I read almost twenty books a week by full-using five cards for borrowing books from a library.
Of course, I did not read them all in depth.
In addition, I fear that people are influenced simply if a book is introduced easily in the social circumstance of this Internet time that the sense of “reading comprehension” is going to be lost drastically, and the matters become worse. .
The above opinion is only of my own and never deny people who have different opinions at all.

I think it is a royal road for someone that he / she finds out a book which brings meanings to himself / herself in the end of indiscriminating readings.

Sometimes I sincerely read such an article that some author’s book is introduced as it is.
But I never do so.
Because I think it is the biggest point for anybody that how himself / herself chews a book.
Additionally, in case anybody introduces a book, an informed person never reads it like it is introduced.

Books written by Ms. Mika Tsutsumi are becoming very topical in the Internet.
Those books are picked up by many commentators and youtuber as books in the theme of “traitor”, for example, and being up and coming, which almost expose shame part of the ruling dynasty of Japan.
In the review corner of Amazon site they are evaluated as 5-star ranks mostly.

I thought I would like to buy some Tsutsumi-san’s books because I had not read them yet.
As the start, I bought a “The Government lies always, enlarged edition”, since I wanted to glance one of them quickly and a Kindle version was convenient.

Followings are my comments for the book at this moment when I have just started to read it.
They are rather self-disciplined comments, and never forcing you feel similarly as I mentioned above.

As long as I have read the preface, prolog and former part of the body of “The Government…..”, honestly speaking, it is very difficult for me to read it.
Usually it is easy for me to read a book if it is evaluated high, but this book is not like.
Generally the narrating way of this book is to mention persons’ states of mind.
Most sentences are written by direct quotation.
It is like NHK Special (a TV program) or some other which sometimes introduces a documentary with a little bit story tailored and with emotional relations among the concerned people drawn.

Story is not bad. If I expect it from the beginning, I sometimes watch such programs as NHK Special.
However, since I expected a pure social criticism in Tsutsumi-san’s writings, I have been confusing so frequent direct quotations.

There might be some request of the times, mightn’t there?
I would like to continue reading it furthermore.

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