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A new idea of business
(This is posted at my Japanese blog, too, with the same content at the same time.)

Hello, folks!
How are you spending the 3 day holiday?
Today the weather is very fine.

Yesterday I experienced a very severe traffic jam when I drove through a bridge over a river.
I think that the bad jam was due to a mistake in setting the switching mode of the signals.

This time I have summarized a new business plan.
The business is to consult a technically engaged person in a company about what to do toward a success based on my long experience of developing materials in our company and asking a major manufacturer (ie, our expected customer) for their qualification.
The process at such a company for qualification of a new material and decision of using it is very long and complicated. I made so much failures and few successes.
Most technical people and their team hardly understand the process and just stick to the window person, then make developments as he/she requests.
Sometimes they successfully develop a new material which the window person evaluates in favor.
However in most cases, the final decision was NG.

It is essential for a technical person to understand what the management of a major manufacturer thinks and create an appropriate strategy to fit the management, otherwise much time, efforts and money become in vain.
This viewpoint is not well recognized generally, but I think it is most key,
Furthermore, we can not only fit the management of the major manufacturer but also propose a (quite) new idea in product form or business model.
I think that this is competitive and beneficial from now on.

I am going to systematize my business ideas mentioned above.
I will handle this business as a “Business Section” at my event performance.
I would like to consult anybody who would have these requirements.
If you have any interests, please feel free to contact me.

Enjoy the remaining part of the 3 day holiday!

(Note: This article was NOT made by Google Translation!)

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Is the number really correct?
Hello, folks!
We are already in the middle of March.
How have you been?

Needles to say, we are in the chaos with the new coronavirus.
I am afraid that you might have a serious issue on your work or life.

This week I made a rough estimation about if the number of infected persons be really right.
According to my estimation it should be much fewer than the number which MHLW announces every day.
Those who are interested in it, please refer to an article through the following link. (Sorry for written in Japanese.)


Have a nice cherry blossom season!

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