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The real learning begins after age 30
Good evening, everyone.
Today, instead of working on my personal business, I was sorting out various documents in my room.
Then I found a copy of an English letter I wrote to a friend of my daughter's 12 years ago.
The friend had failed her entrance exam after one year of unsuccessful attempts and was very depressed.
I wanted to talk seriously about "real study...", so I wrote the letter.

I wrote it in English because I was embarrassed to write in Japanese, and also because at that time (and even now), I was very interested in communicating in English.
At the time (2010), machine translation was not available for free on the Internet, and even the paid ones were of extremely poor quality. Therefore, I wrote the English composition entirely on my own.
Looking back on it now, there are many poor and incorrect expressions, but I still gave myself a good grade for writing it.

Nowadays, there are great machine translations available for free on the Internet.
I tried to translate my letter 12 years ago into Japanese using DeepL which I think the best machine translation.
It turned out to be so-so Japanese, so it must have been so-so English, and I think machine translation is amazing.

I decided to diclose this letter because I didn't want to mention any proper nouns, I didn't write anything private, and I thought I was addressing not only my friend, but all young people.
The translated Japanese version is posted on my Japanese blog (<-- click here).

Young people, really, don't be so happy or sad about your exams!


I am very regretful to hear the result of the examination.
But please do not feel seriously and have a confident mind.
Here I would like to show you my idea about “study”.
I would be very happy if you could accept my idea below.

Some people say that entering an university should be as early as possible.
But I do not think so, because I think “real study” starts after the person become matured and earn money by herself.

Real study is not to learn things passively but to create a new and your own system (or what to propose) and ask for your world if the system will work efficiently, and of course, for the world. When you get matured enough like thirty years old, you should your own purposes to improve the world or help people to become happier. Real study is necessary at such timings. Then, you should learn necessary matters of both academic and practical to create any new system. You should propose your idea and try to realize it as much as possible.

For your information I would like to introduce my studies. I learned basic sciences and technologies at University XXXX. Even after I entered Company XXXX, I had a chance to study advanced sciences at University XXXX for one and half years when I was from 28 through 30 years old. I continued my own study in parallel with the company business. In 2001 I submitted a doctor thesis to University XXXX regarding a study on xxxx for xxxx applications. Until then I published several papers on my study areas and finally compiled as the doctor thesis. I believe that my thesis is a kind of new “system” with which the industry may improve.

Now I plan to create another system of my own. As you know, the modern people suffer from some global environmental issues, and many Japanese people suffer from bad working atmospheres. It is so tragic that any persons commit suicide everyday at railway stations.
My life work is to propose appropriate environmental and working systems. My hope is that everybody has a common direction toward a potentially happy status with vivid motivations.
The basis of my life work is to combine different types of study (for example, combination of environmental science and history, or medics and politics.

Real study is quite interesting. Much more interesting than any other funs. This can be understood only by people who performed the real studies.

Therefore, please continue your learning on your belief. Your any efforts in young ages will surely result in wonderful outcomes when you intend to create your new xxxs or systems at later ages.

Enjoy your life.
Enjoy your basic study.
And enjoy your any things which may relate to your real studies later.

Sincerely yours,
ST Rocker
March 21st , 2010

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| Principle | 16:14 | コメント:4
What a nice letter!
Good evening,

This is the first time for me to visit here, English blog. 

Your letter to her was so great! It must've been a big help for her to live looking ahead.

>Real study is quite interesting. Much more interesting than any other funs.

Yeah, your words are really true!!
I always try to convey that to children I met. The more you learn, the more your world expands and deepens. How interesting and exciting it is when you find something connected with another thing that seems to exist in a totally different field! Everything connects with one another. We are all connected.

Once we understand the above as real feelings, we can be more gentle to others and stronger to live.

How nice you were (and are) to give such valuable advice to the youth!!
2022.01.20 Thu 21:28 | URL | happypianon123  [ 編集 ]
Good morning.
Thank you very much for visiting my English blog last night and for your very warm and impressive comment.

I am very glad that you have such a good feeling about this letter and that you, the English professional, read it well. I am honored.

You have also conveyed to the children what it means to truly learn. It is wonderful.
I am sure that they have learned the meaning of "connection" in their later life and will continue to connect each other and create real studies.

I would be happy if I could continue to know your various thoughts from time to time.

The food story is also interesting.
In sports, if we believe that anyone can do it (for example, run 42km), we can usually do it.
In the case of food also, if we are aware of the fact that it is actually delicious, we will form a circuit in our brain that will make us like it.

It's cold, so please take care of yourself.
2022.01.21 Fri 07:41 | URL | ST Rocker  [ 編集 ]
Oh, no, no, no! I’m not English professional.
I’m still a learner and so will be forever, gee!
Even in Japanese, there are unknown words a lot!
Let’s keep learning and studying from now on too.
2022.01.21 Fri 10:49 | URL | happypianon123  [ 編集 ]
happypianon123-san (again)
No, no, that would be humility.
Anyway, I look forward to talking on various items with you in the future.
I also write maniacal articles about English on my Japanese blog, and various articles on this blog, so please have a look if you have time.
2022.01.21 Fri 14:07 | URL | ST Rocker  [ 編集 ]


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